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Dental X-rays can assist your dentist in identifying oral health problems in the early stages, such as gum disease and cavities. Dental X-rays come in a variety of forms, such as intraoral (taken inside the mouth) and extraoral (taken outside the mouth). Dental X-rays are necessary for maintaining and promoting good oral health. Radiographs, sometimes known as dental X-rays, are interior pictures of your jaws and teeth. Dentists utilize X-rays to look at structures such as your jawbone, nerves, sinuses, and tooth roots that are not visible during a standard examination. Dental X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to create images of your mouth, just like X-rays taken of other regions of your body. Your teeth and bones are imaged by the radiation beam as it travels through your soft tissues. Dental X-rays can be taken digitally, using a computer and digital sensors, or conventionally, using film. Comparing digital dental X-rays to traditional dental X-ray devices.

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