Teeth Scaling Treatment

Gum disease is treated with scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning below the gum line. Plaque is a sticky layer of germs that causes gum disease. Your teeth will always accumulate plaque, but if you don't brush them thoroughly, the bacteria in the plaque might inflame your gums. Your gums will begin to separate from your teeth at this point, creating pockets. After that, plaque becomes lodged in these pockets and is unable to be brushed out regularly. Gum disease can cause tooth loss and loss of bone if left untreated. Professional cleaning should suffice if gum disease is detected early and hasn't harmed the structures beneath the gum line. if there are too deep pockets between your teeth and gums. Two steps make up this thorough cleaning. During scaling, your dentist will remove all of the plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) that is above and below the gum line, cleaning to the pocket's bottom. After that, your dentist will start root planing, which involves flattening the roots of your teeth to encourage gum reattachment to the tooth. It can take more than one appointment to finish scaling and root planing, and a topical anaesthetic might be necessary.

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