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Although you might believe that visiting the dentist only involves having your teeth cleaned, your dentist performs much more when you visit. Frequent dental checkups are crucial because they let your dentist: Early cavity detection is key. In order to detect cavities in their early stages, your dentist will check your teeth. Cavities are less expensive to treat the sooner you detect them. Early detection of gum disease is key. Many gum disease sufferers are unaware that they have the condition. Find mouth cancer in its early stages. Your dentist can look for indications of oral cancer in your mouth. If you use tobacco products or smoke, this is really crucial. Examine the fillings in your car. Have foul breath or dry mouth. Bad breath and dry mouth can be caused by oral diseases that your dentist can diagnose and treat. Examine your dental hygiene. You may develop and uphold healthy oral hygiene practices with the assistance of your dentist and hygienist. Defend your general well-being. Studies have connected diabetes and heart disease to gum disease.


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